Unplug and Play 2023: Illuminating Riverside County with Joy

Sergio Agbam
12.01.2023 Impact Stories

Santa Claus, Inc.

Location – Riverside County, California

Website – santaclausinc.org

Lives Impacted – 1,445

Riverside County, the 4th largest county in California, became the canvas for Santa Claus, Inc.’s efforts during the “Unplug and Play” 2023 events. In collaboration with Good360 and Toys for Tots.

The events extended a ray of hope to the children in Riverside County, underscoring the power of collective goodwill. These initiatives were the second half of a bi-county effort, with the first half focused on San Bernardino County. A foster dad celebrated the opportunity the event provided for children, noting, “What a cool event to get the kids off screens!” Parents echoed their appreciation for the joy these events brought into their children’s lives. As one parent shared, “As a mom, seeing the happiness in my son’s eyes was priceless!”

The total number of lives impacted in Riverside County during these events amounted to 1,445 children. The “Unplug and Play” events in Riverside County were a shining example of how collective efforts can brighten the lives of children and families. The impact extended far beyond the toys themselves, touching hearts and spreading happiness throughout the community. Santa Claus, Inc. and its partners illuminated the lives of countless families, creating a tapestry of joy that extended to Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

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Sergio Agbam

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